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Fathom is a virtual members club and online community for creatives living and working in Madrid. It offers a modern take on the traditional members club model. Fathom offers all the benefits of connecting and engaging with an exclusive community of like-minded people without the eye-watering membership fees.

Originally founded by Executive Career Coach, Dan Ford, Fathom's aim is to create connections, inspire ideas and generate engaging exchanges amongst creatively minded individuals based in Madrid. So, if you have a passion for music, design, fashion, art, film, literature, philosophy, entrepreneurship or all of the above, then apply to become a Founder Member of Fathom today.


Unlike traditional members clubs that charge high annual membership fees to cover their significant operating costs, Fathom offers its members' great value for money by connecting people through a virtual community and pop-up events across Madrid.

To become a Fathom Member, you'll only need to pay a one-off joining fee of €45 and a monthly subscription of €4.50, which can be cancelled at any time.


Once you've become a Fathom Member, you'll be able to access the members private website. As well as connecting with other members, you'll also be able to start and join discussion threads in the online forum. You can also chat online with other members and join the Fathom Madrid private Facebook  group.


As a member, you'll be able to access the Fathom Madrid events calender through the members' website. We host regular events such as after-work drinks and dinners throughout the year, as well as one-off events and trips based around the cultural events that take place in Madrid throughout the year.

Members also have the ability to arrange and host their own events that support Fathom's core aim of connecting creatives in Madrid.