If you're feeling frustrated or stuck on your current career path, then Fathom's Career Coaching Program could be a good fit for you.

It can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and come up with a plan for what comes next in your career. If you've been in the same role or organization for some time, it can be even more difficult to know how to switch lanes, particularly if you've been out of the job market for a while.


Fortunately, Fathom's Career Coaching Programme takes the stress and uncertainty out of the whole process of devising and implementing a new career strategy, switching career paths or finding a more fulfilling role. It provides a straightforward and structured approach that will empower you with the confidence and courage to fulfil your true potential and proactively create your perfect career, one step at a time.

Career Coaching

Create Your Perfect Career One Step At A Time

What You'll Learn & Achieve

Here are just a few of the outcomes and results that you can expect from the programme:

Discover Your Most Valuable Skills, Important Strengths & Key Personality Traits

Overcome The Hurdles That Are Preventing You From Achieving Your Career Goals

Identify Career Paths That Will Give You The Greatest Fulfilment & Satisfaction

Devise Your Long-Term Career Strategy & Career Development Plan

Develop The Daily Habits, Routines & Behaviours To Create Your Perfect Career

Define Your Personal Brand Strategy & Implement Your Personal Promotion Plan

What Makes This Programme Different

The programme will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to step out of your comfort zone and create the career you really want. It delivers an end-to-end solution that breaks the whole career planning process into a series of manageable steps that will take you from Awareness to Action.


The programme combines all the benefits of a structured online programme, with the independent support, impartial advice and accountability of professional 1-2-1 career coaching sessions in-person or by phone / video call.

Unlike other career development courses, this programme also offers valuable insights into the rapidly changing world of work, empowering you with the foresight to develop a strategy that enables you to effectively navigate your career in the long-term.

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1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

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Who The Programme Is For

Importantly, the programme is not industry or role-specific. So, If you're an executive, professional or entrepreneur and you find yourself agreeing with any of the following statements, then the programme is going to be a good fit for you:

I'm Ready For A Career Change, But I'm Not Sure Where To Start

I Feel Like I'm Stuck At A Career Crossroads & I Don't Know Which Way To Head

It's Time To Find A Career Path & Role Where I Can Fulfil My True Potential

I Want To Be My Own Boss & Launch My Own Venture Or Business

I Want A Career Where I Can Make A Difference & Have A Positive Impact 

I Want To Find A Career That I Really Love Before Time Runs Out

Programme Content

The programme is split into six individual modules. Each one has its own dedicated web page featuring a range of interactive assessments, downloadable tools and online resources. These online materials complement the 6.5 hours of 1-2-1 professional career coaching that you'll receive during the programme. Here's a brief outline of the six modules:

Module 01

Increasing Your Self-Awareness & Knowledge

Identify What Really Motivates, Energises & Engages You

Discover What Career Fulfilment Looks Like For You

Clarify What's Getting In The Way Or Holding You Back

Module 02

Clarifying Your Purpose & Creating Your Vision

Identify The Impact That You Want To Have In Your Career

Define Your Career Goals, Objectives & Vision

Identify The Focus & Direction Of Your Career Journey

Module 03

Creating Your Personal Profile

Identify Your Key Strengths, Skills & Personality Traits

Learn How To Spend More Time In Your 'Zone Of Genius'

Clarify Your Key Industry, Organisation & Role Requirements

Module 04

Career Pathfinding & Planning

Assess Your Alignment With Multiple Potential Career Paths

Identify Specific Roles That Are A Strong Fit For You

Devise & Design Your 5 Year Career Development Plan

Module 05 

Taking Action & Creating Opportunities

Align Your Personal Brand With Your New Career Path & Plan

Take Steps To Prototype Your New Career Path

Expand Your Network & Start Creating Opportunities

Module 06

Building Momentum & Staying On Track

Introduce Habits & Routines To Keep Your Career On Track

Learn How To Overcome Career Obstacles & Roadblocks

Develop Systems To Ensure Your Long Term Success

Get Started Today 

For a limited time, access to the full programme is available for only £590 (2 x instalments of £295). Click the button below to sign up, make a secure initial payment and get started today!


(2 x payments of £295)

The programme includes:

6.5 Hrs 1-2-1 Phone Coaching

Full Access To All 6 x Modules

Over 20 Downloadable Tools

Interactive Assessments & Reports

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

30 Day Money Back Guarantee