87% of employees don't feel engaged in their work. So, unless you're part of the lucky 13%, then it may be time to identify a career path that's the right fit for you.

f you've found yourself working in an industry, organisation or role that isn't aligned with your goals, personality, values, purpose, skills, strengths and interests, then you may have been left feeling frustrated, demotivated, or unfulfilled.

Fortunately, Fathom can help you achieve a much greater sense of fulfilment in your life, by helping you to find and follow a career path that's strongly aligned with who you really want to be and what you really want to do. Our approach is based on our four-step Career Design Model™. It's been specifically designed to empower you with all of the knowledge, skills and tools to create the fulfilling career that you want and deserve. Learn more below...

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Career Development

Create Your Perfect Career One Step At A Time

01  |  Awareness

A high level of self-awareness is key to identifying career paths that will be a strong fit for you and result in a strong sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Discover Your Key Strengths, Skills & Knowledge Areas

Clarify Your Core Values & Define Your Purpose

Learn How Your Personality Traits Can Affect Your Career

Overcome Obstacles That Are Holding You Back


02  |  Aspirations

A clear career vision, with associated goals and milestones, is essential if you want to move your career forward with a clear sense of purpose, focus and direction. 

Create A Vision For The Career You Really Want

Identify Your Key Sources Of  Motivation 

Define Your Career Development Goals & Milestones

Learn How To Improve Your Work-Life Balance


03  |  Alignment

Identifying career paths that are strongly aligned with your values, purpose, personality, skills and vision is key to developing an effective career plan that will ensure career success.

Clarify Your Industry, Organisation & Role Requirements

Assess Multiple Potential Career Paths

Identify Specific Roles &That Are A Strong Fit For You

Devise Your Long-Term Career Development Plan


04  |  Action

Creating your perfect career will only be possible if you're willing to step out of your comfort zone and commit to taking action, so you can implement a structured career development plan. 

Align Your Personal Brand With Your Career Path & Plan

Expand Your Network & Access The Hidden Job Market

Transform Intentions & Goals Into Commitments

Develop Habits & Routines To Keep Your Career On Track


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