Fathom's Professional Development Model focuses on improving and enhancing your most important asset... You. It will enable you to develop all of the competencies and capabilities to fulfil your true potential, improve your performance and become the best version of yourself.

Based on years of research, the model reduces the complexity of personal and professional development, by splitting the key areas into a simple and straightforward six-part model. The model brings a unique focus, clarity and structure to my Executive Career Coaching, enabling me to help my clients effectively and efficiently identify and resolve their most important issues.


Learn more about the six areas of the model below...


Professional Development

Fulfil Your Potential & Become The Best Version Of Yourself


Develop the knowledge and skills to navigate your career more effectively, deliver top results and achieve your most ambitious professional and personal goals.

Identify & Develop The Soft & Hard Skills You Need To Excel In Your Role & Progress In Your Organisation

Create & Implement A Structured Professional Development Plan To Track Your Progress

Clarify Your Key Strengths & Learn How To Develop Them In Order To Improve Your Performance

Identify Any Weaknesses & Learn How To Minimise Their Impact On Your Performance & Success



Learn how to transform your good ideas, positive intentions and career goals into consistent commitments and sustained action

Develop The Daily Habits & Routines To Ensure That You Make Consistent Progress Towards Achieving Your Goals

Stay On Track & Maintain Momentum By Identifying Your Key Sources Of Motivation 

Establish Structure & Routine To Help Reduce Stress & Improve Focus

Tackle Bad Habits & Behaviours, Including Procrastination & Digital Distraction 



Learn how to develop the self-belief and confidence to back yourself and your abilities, without appearing arrogant.

Overcome Self-Doubt & Self-Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Identify & Tackle The Saboteurs, Gremlins & Inner Critic That Are Preventing You From Fulfilling Your Potential

Gain Clarity & Conviction About Your Purpose & The Impact That You Want To Have In The World

Move Forward Confidently With A Clear Sense Of Focus & Direction



Develop the skills to communicate ideas effectively and form strong relationships with people at every level of your organisation.

Improve Your Storytelling & Presentation Skills So You Can Confidently Engage And Inspire Key Stakeholders

Develop Active Listening Techniques To Improve Your Level Of Connection With Colleagues & Clients

Enhance Your Written and Verbal Skills To Improve The Clarity, Focus & Efficiency Of Your Communication

Improve Your Non-Verbal Communication & Body Language In Order To Increase Your Influence & Impact


Develop your collaboration skills, so you can perform effectively as a team player when working under pressure and stress.

Learn How To Participate Effectively & Have A Powerful & Influential Voice Within A Strong Team

Learn How To Create Trust & Respect, So You Can Quickly Diffuse and Resolve Conflict

Develop The Skills To Identify & Tackle Biases And Groupthink Within A Team

Learn How To Create Shared Ownership Of Team Projects In Order To Increase Motivation & Productivity



Developing your creative problem-solving abilities will help you cope with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the workplace will ensure you thrive when others falter.

Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Help You Devise Innovative Solutions To Complex Problems & Issues

Learn How To Break Repetitive Patterns Of Behaviour That No Longer Serve You

Develop The Strategic Foresight To Recognise The Disruptive Forces & Factors That Will Affect Your Career

Learn How Risk Analysis & Scenario Planning Can Help You Avoid The Pitfalls Of A Predictable Future


Measurable Results In 4 Steps

Whether you're an experienced executive, young professional or aspiring entrepreneur, my executive career coaching will help you improve your performance, achieve your goals and move forward with a greater sense of clarity, focus and direction.

I offer a structured approach that combines independent support, impartial advice and structured accountability, to give you the courage and confidence to set ambitious goals, whilst providing you with the tools, techniques and structure to fulfil your true potential and become the best version of yourself.  Here's how it works...

4 Part Model.png

Step 01

Identify Your Key Development Areas

Step 02

Define Your Development Goals

Step 04

Review & Assess Your Progress

Step 03

Implement Your Development Plan

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